About Me

My name is David White and I am 49 years old.  I am happily married to my beautiful wife Sarah, and have two wonderful daughters, Emily who is nine and Lexi who is four. I live in Orewa – a beautiful little sea-side town just north of Auckland in New Zealand.

By way of profession, I am a computer engineer and I run a small IT company called Digital Kiwi that provides IT services to small and medium-sized businesses throughout greater Auckland.

My passion though is woodworking – particularly the design and creation of what I like to call “Functional Art“.

The title of my blog – The Craftsman Studio – is in part aspirational (I certainly don’t claim to be a craftsman yet, but I’m getting there) and in part a nod to the Arts and Crafts movement (and in particular Gustave Stickly) whose furniture I particularly like.

This blog will document my attempts to make stuff that is both beautiful and functional and (hopefully) my journey to becomming a true craftsman.

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